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  • What is Candid Wedding Photography?
    Candid Photography is a genre which gives emphasis on taking pictures informally, un-posed and thus leads to capturing the true expression of an individual. All the images in our gallery are candid in nature. However If you like to pose, we would love that as well!
  • Do you work for both the sides i.e. bride and groom?
    Well, yes we work for both sides with the help of our efficient team.
  • Do you make videos for Wedding?
    Yes we do make wedding videos which are fun, savvy and simply beautiful.
  • How long will you take to deliver the photos or films?
    Final processed images will be delivered within 4-6 week for delivery of soft copy depending on our schedule. A film takes longer to edit so it will take between three to five months.
  • Do you cover only marriages and couple-shoots?
    We don’t limit ourself to marriages and couple-shoots. We have vast experience in all sorts of photography within our team. So if you have a challenging assignment then don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • What is the duration of the wedding teasers/films?
    We provide the Short Wedding Teaser 4 to 6 minutes and we provide the Full Wedding Highlights whose duration around 45 Minutes.
  • Do you travel for assignments and shoots?
    Yes, we do travel all over the world but the travel and accommodation has to be provided for by the client.
  • What is the payment process?
    Well our payment process is not like that you have to pay full amount before your event. 40 % on the day of booking your event. 40 % on the first day of your event. 20% after the delivery of the output for your event.
  • Alright, I wanna hire you guys. What is the booking process?"
    Booking process is simple. Call us or write to us with the details of your wedding. We will check Our availability on those dates and work out a package deal for you. We would love to meet you in person and discuss the package but we don’t mind discussing over a phone call. We will formally block dates after your first payment. We expect 40% payment in advance.
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I need more details, how do I reach you?


Write to us at

Even better, Call us on +91 9638637953 anytime between 9am & 8 pm.

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