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Paralight Pictures is a full-service Photo & Cinema Production Company situated in Ahmedabad, India. But we work globally.

Paralight Pictures was founded by Kevin Kapuriya a few years ago and started reaching heights because of his interest, creativity, dedication, uniqueness and hard work which together as an input came up with cent percent of client satisfaction and appraisal from people which makes Paralight Pictures popular day by day. We provide our services for Candid Wedding Photography, Cinematography, Product Photography, Pre-Wedding Photography, Interior Photography, and Fashion photography.

We know the importance of your occasions & photography, also that, they are once-in-a-lifetime events, and hence our photographers are professionals, who understand the uniqueness for each event. Our work is perfectly client-tailored and customized as per the client requirements. Our quotient of shooting is real, spontaneous and candid. Just an aid of technology helps us get more for delivering you the services that goes beyond your expectations. We bring out the best in class range of services and an innovative approach to photography. It’s the stop for your search if you want to be captured in a professional, vibrant, creative, elegant and delightful way.


We are a passionate team of Wedding Photographers, Cinematographers loving to capture and preserve the beautiful moments of your life time. We are here to make your Wedding Most Creative, Passionate and Enthusiastic. Paralight Pictures provides you with the best of the best in industry and draw great satisfaction from delighting our Clients. Professionalism, High Standard Service, Aesthetic Sense and most importantly flexibility. “Compelling and honesty coverage is our goal in your wedding”.

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